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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to empower and provide knowledge and comfort to women and their partners during pregnancy, childbirth, and Postpartum.


Ashley Loggins

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Ashley Loggins is a Holistic, Catholic, wife and mother. She has three children and experienced completely different births with all of them. Her first was an emergency Cesarean. second was a VBAC 17 months later, and 3rd was a precipitous un-medicated birth.

When Ashley is providing Doula support she prides herself on assisting mother's wanting to experience a VBAC, although she supports your decision and the type of birth you decide.

She is here to empower and advocate for you! Ashley has supported all kinds of births and encourages true informed consent.

What sets her apart from the rest is that she offers home labor support and encourages all of her families to labor at home as long as they can before they go to the hospital, this helps avoid a lot of unnecessary interventions.

Ashley is a very passionate and caring Doula who believes that all families deserve the birth they want by guiding and assisting them through their journey to parenthood.

As a postpartum doula Ashley enjoys helping parents adjust to having a new baby in the home whether it be your first or fifth baby. She wants your transition to be as smooth as possible.

At this moment Ashley is however only offering Postpartum support and Placenta Encapsulation services as she had her 3rd baby in January 2019 and will be taking most of the year off to spend with her new baby.

Haley Jones


Haley Jones is a mother, a wife and a dog mom. She lives in Sugar Hill, Georgia with her husband, their son Harrison and sweet dog, Indiana Jones. Haley wanted to become a doula because of her own child birth experience, where she felt she wasn't given the rights to her own body. She was told what needed to be done, when it needed to be done and simply, wasn’t listened to. Haley strongly believes if she would have had a doula present, her labor & delivery would have been a more memorable, pleasant experience.

From this, Haley’s passion ignited. Haley became a doula with a solitary purpose of empowering women to take charge of their own birthing experience. Her past work with special need children and their families, her warm heart and personal birthing experience further enhance the work she does as a birth and postpartum doula.

Haley is also a photographer, and as such, has photographed many births. Haley knows the memories of these photos will help moms remember the beauty of their child’s birth verses the fear, anxiety and worry they may have experienced.

Julie Trotter


Babies have always been my passion.  I started babysitting for families when I was 13, and from that point on, children became the focus of my career.  While still in high school, I continued to babysit for various families and began working in a daycare for children ranging from newborn to 12 years.  While I enjoyed every age, infants quickly became my favorite.  My interest in children led me to obtain an Associate’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the Pennsylvania State University, graduating in 2004.

In the summer of 2004, my husband, Travis, and I married and established a home in Duluth, GA.  Upon settling in, I began working at Kinder care Learning Center as the lead teacher in the toddler class.  After working there for several months, I felt I needed something more, so moved on and became a nanny for a wonderful family and their newborn.  I enjoyed a year with them until I realized I needed to work fewer hours as a nanny in order to develop my own business.

In 2005, my friend and I became certified educators for The Happiest Baby on the Block as well as business associates.  We opened Happy Baby Solutions, an infant specialist and nanny placement company.  For the next 7 years, we successfully operated Happy Baby Solutions until it became clear that I was missing the hands-on aspect of baby care.  I decided to resign as co-owner of Happy Baby Solutions at the end of 2012 to pursue being an independent infant care specialist and birth doula.

Meanwhile, In 2007, my husband and I experienced the wonderful, natural water birth of our first son at North Fulton hospital. It was very empowering for me and I became completely fascinated with the entire process of childbirth. Two years later, my husband and I adopted two children from Ethiopia; a 4 year old girl and a 13 year old boy.  In 2010, our family was expecting another little boy.

Sadly, at 39 weeks he was stillborn, having contracted Cytomegalovirus inutero.  We conceived again in the summer of 2010 and had a beautiful home birth, bringing us our baby girl in April, 2011.  Home birth was one of the best experiences I have ever had!  Since then, we had one more amazing home birth; another girl in October 2014!

Through the years, I have learned so much about newborns; through education and classes, from my own personal experience, from other infant care specialists and from working with families and their babies.  I have taken breastfeeding courses and breast fed three of my own children.  I am pleased to be able to support breastfeeding mothers as well as those who choose bottle feeding.  My goal is for you to have a healthy, happy baby and mother, regardless of feeding choices.  I have worked with several sets of twins and triplets and love working with more than one baby at a time. One of my greatest passions is helping all family members adapt to the newborn stage when adjustments can be difficult and life may feel as if it has been turned upside down.

I'm a very warm, nurturing and friendly individual whose passion for babies is evident in everything I do.  I believe parents have the ultimate authority and intuitive sense when it comes to bringing their children into the world and raising them.  Thus, I share with each parent what is possible, letting each choose what works best for their family.  While I may have different philosophies about raising babies and how to get them sleeping through the night, I believe you, as the parents, must be comfortable with the method we choose together.  I am here to help educate you on the many methods of baby care and will work with you to develop a plan that works best for everyone involved.  If you’re a “veteran parent” and just looking for some rest, I can stay at night and care for your baby while you sleep.  If you’re a first time parent looking for guidance and support in newborn care, sleeping, feeding, scheduling or any other baby related questions, I can help you with that as well.  I simply want to assist you in feeling more confident as a parent and provide you with tools to use when my time with you is complete!

Stephanie Wagner


Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am a Birth and Postpartum Doula as well as a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor. My husband Jeff and I have been married for 21 years and we live north of Atlanta with our 17 year old son Hunter. When I am not with clients, I enjoy hiking, sewing, going to the gym, and spending time with my family.

    Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, I spent the previous 20 years of my life working in the medical-office field, beginning as a filing clerk and working my way up to billing manager and eventually office manager, which included the management of an OB/GYN practice in the Northside Hospital area.

    When my husband and I decided to become parents ourselves, we struggled with infertility issues, which resulted in us consulting a reproductive specialist. After weighing all the options, we decided to try In-Vitro Fertilization in order to conceive our son. It was a long and difficult process, but we are forever grateful to the physician and his practice along with the never ending support we received from our family, friends, and coworkers.

When a longtime childhood friend asked me to support her during the home birth of her second child as well as photograph the experience, I gladly accepted. A few years later, she asked me to be there again for the birth of her third child. A year later I was asked by another childhood friend, if I would participate in the hospital birth of her daughter and be her doula. All three of these experiences had a profound effect on me. These experiences, in addition to becoming a mother myself, allowed me to discover the passion I would have for becoming a doula.

    As a doula, I am dedicated to educating, supporting, and assisting families so that they have the best possible experience bringing their little ones into the world. No matter whether this is your first child or your sixth child, I am here to help make this a special time.

Certified Birth Doula

- DONA International

Certified Lactation Educator Counselor

- University of California San Diego

Certified BLS Instructor (Adult, Child, Infant CPR/AED/First Aid)

- American Heart Association

Neonatal Resuscitation Certified

- American Academy of Pediatrics /American Heart Association