Birth Doula

How do Doulas compare to other forms of continuous support?


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As a birth Doula, we provide non-medical, judgment-free support. Our goal as your doula is to help you prepare for your birth, feel good about the choices you make, and for you to feel supported and satisfied with your birth experience.  We will strive to help you understand all of your options and provide a list of professional, reliable resources that are right for you.

Our clients can count on us to provide reliable and prompt service. Support any birth choices: whether you are wanting unmedicated, an epidural, at home or at a hospital, a planned cesarean or other choices. We look forward to building a positive relationship with you, your family, and your provider.

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We support Dads too!

We are here to empower dads too!  We want them to believe in themselves and really take part in labor and birth. Dads are IRREPLACEABLE and it is our goal to help take care of the dads so they can help take care of you!

Looking for a childbirth education class just for soon to be Father's? 

If you are interested in information on our Birth Doula packages please fill out our contact form and we will have our doulas reach out to you!

Ours Doulas packages range from $800 to $1200