Water immersion for birth


The therapeutic properties of warm water immersion have been known for centuries.  Baths, showers and whirlpools have been used for comfort during labor for many years.  Immersion in water for the birth of the baby is becoming increasingly common as women look to achieve the benefits of shorter labors, fewer interventions, and enhanced comfort and relaxation.

Bliss Birth Services is proud to offer Birth Pool in a Box Eco for rental.  Birth Pool in a Box makes it possible for all women to use water for their labors and births.  Laboring in water has been proven to make labor faster and easier. 

This comfortable, easily portable pool was designed by midwives and mothers, and is the first and only FDA-approved birth pool.  Birth Pool in a Box has a multi-featured innovative design.

  1. •    It accommodates water deep enough to provide buoyancy.
         Float and change positions with ease, or rest on the built-in
         seat.  Six reinforced handles are perfectly placed to help
         mothers assume and maintain a variety of positions.

  2. •    It is roomy enough for tall mothers, and easily
         accommodates two people.

  3. •    Three inflatable chambers for safety and adjustable height.

  4. •    Patented form-fitting disposable Eco liner ensures a 
         hygienic environment.

  5. •    Made without phthalates - better for the environment,
         better for you and your baby.

Birth Pool in a Box
(Portable, inflatable birth pools, designed by midwives and mothers.  Now available in Canada!)

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