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Our postpartum Doula support includes some or all of the following.

  • Physical and emotional support (listening to your birth story, your fears, frustrations, concerns, observing your postpartum recovery, rebozo massage, etc.)

  • Baby care education and support (assist in bathing, feeding, comforting the baby, cutting baby's nails, organizing the nursery/your home, etc.)

  • Baby-wearing education & assistance

  • Breastfeeding &/or bottle feeding support

  • Preparing simple, nutritious meals in your home.

  • Maintaining simple housework (laundry, vacuuming, emptying garbage, straightening up the house, dust, dishes, etc.)

  • Watching the baby and/or older children on the premises, so Mom & Partner can rest

  • Referrals to other professionals as needed

  • Telephone, text, and email support.

  • Overnight care/sleep training

Our night time care can look like.

•Guidance/instruction in basic newborn care

•Establish and implement sleeping and feeding routines

•Log baby's eating/sleeping patterns at night with detailed notes

•Wash, dry and fold baby laundry

•Wash bottles and breast pump supplies

•Make new formula or prepare bottles for the next day

•Assist and support mothers with basic breastfeeding as needed

•Tidy up your common living areas if it won't disturb sleeping individuals (load the dishwasher, wipe down counters, washing baby’s laundry, etc)