Ashley Loggins is a WONDERFUL doula. She was prompt on answering all questions when it came to our birthing wants and needs. When I went into labor she checked in on me every couple hours to see how I was progressing and when we called with the “go” she was at the birthing center within an hour. I was so glad to have her by my side and I know my husband was as well. She kept a calm vibe in our room and talked us through every step of the way. I was very thankful that she suggested different positions and kept me hydrated throughout my son’s birth. Ashley is a wonderful and strong woman you would be lucky to have by your side during birth.
— Maxine

Ashley was wonderful to myself and my wife and was the single greatest decision we made regarding the birth of our son Ray. I highly recommend Ashley and the services she provides.
— Adam

My wife and I had a fantastic experience with Ashley! She had all the qualities we were looking for in a doula. She was easy to work with. She was there not to replace me, but to help me help my wife better. Her training was fun and informative. When the day finally came, she was available, extremely helpful on the phone, at the hospital before we were, and incredibly supportive during the actual delivery. Highly recommend!
— Alex

BEST DECISION IVE EVER MADE!!! Seriously, if you’re like me and think that all doulas want you to have your birth in the bathtub at your house, do your research! I was so happy I stubbled across Ashley’s encapsulation post on fb. I NEVER would’ve thought to hire a doula but I’m SO happy I did! She made sure I was comfortable and got everything I wanted and when I was unsure, she explained things to me! Plus, I’m convinced having my placenta encapsulated is the reason I didn’t get PPD. 20/10 would recommend. If I ever have another baby, I will 100% be rehiring her and having my placenta done again.
— Riley

Ashley Loggins is absolutely amazing! She is so passionate about bringing babies into this world. She has such a wide range of knowledge and is so helpful for all new baby questions. She is so positive, confident, and compassionate that labor is a positive experience. She is well-versed in different pain management techniques and homeopathic pain relief options. I picked Ashley as my doula initially because I saw that she was Catholic and I loved being able to share faith and prayers and spiritually journey through childbirth as well. Ashley is so focused on the WHOLE family as well. She took care of all the tiny details, helped my husband to be included throughout the whole process (and be even more helpful than if she wasn’t there), and even took photos during the birth so that we didn’t have to hire a birth photographer. I loved the fact that she would help me birth my baby girl, but also that she would then take my placenta and encapsulate it for me. Taking the pills made recovery so easy! I stopped bleeding within a week and had no major mood swings. You will NOT be disappointed with your birth experience with Ashley at your side!
— Casey

Come 40 weeks and baby still not anywhere close to coming and a cervix that wouldn’t budge, I went to be induced the night of 40 weeks and 5 days. Something I didn’t want but also didn’t want a 10 lb baby. Ashley came and met me that night to get me situated - and then came out the following day when labor really kicked in. I labored naturally from 8pm - 4pm that following day but because I was still 4cm by 4pm and I was losing energy, I opted for an epidural. Throughout the natural labor process, Ashley was so hands on, never leaving my side with each contraction and keeping me as calm as possible. If she hadnt been there, I probably would’ve needed the epidural sooner. When I did get the epidural, she was there to keep people out so I could rest before it was time to push, and was there to explain what to do when it became time to do so. She also assisted with holding my legs so that my boyfriend could be up by my face, holding my hand and helping me breathe. It was such a good team between the both of them. If it werent for Ashleys support, I probably would’ve also lost my cool on some family members and my boyfriend wouldve probably not been so hands on either out of not knowing what to do for my pain or emotional well-being. She was such a great coach through the whole process and even though my birth plan didn’t go exactly the way I wanted it to, my main goal was to have a vaginal birth and I got exactly that, even with all the interventions! so I call that a win in my book! I also did get my placenta encapsulated and I’m so glad I did. Postpartum has been nothing but absolute bliss for me and my son and even with the sleepless nights and breastfeeding learning curves, I have tons of energy to tend to his every need as well as household needs.
— Victoria