Virtual Doula

Our virtual doula package is perfect choice for parents wanting access to the knowledge and experience of a Doula during their pregnancy, labor, and/or postpartum while maintaining your privacy during birth. It's like having a best friend to call or text anytime for all your birth and/or parenting questions.

  • Consult us anytime during pregnancy to ask questions during regular business hours from hire date to 38 weeks

  • Have 24/7 availability to call or text us during the on call period (38 weeks until birth) Meaning if you are having contractions in the middle of the night and are needing support or advise on how to manage give us a ring!

  • Want to write a birth plan but don’t know where to start? We help with that too! We have an awesome form we will send you and go over while you fill it out. It is stored in the portal and you are able to print it out before birth to review with your care provider.

  • Feeling pressured during birth into a procedure you are sure of? Give us a call and we will talk though what they are recommending. We will go over the BRAIN acronym with you to help you make the best decision. Because the decision is YOURS to make!

The first thing we will do is spend some time together. You will receive a complementary 20 minute consultation call. We want to hear all about you! To better have an idea of the kind of support to provide you we want to know what’s going on for you right now, what do you think you need (or worry you don’t know you need)? You will learn a bit about what we do, and come away already having more clarity and feeling more secure.

We will take a deep breath together…and let it all go. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. You’ve got our help.

Package details:

You can sign up for a number of hours (from a one hour session to a group of hours) We will schedule your sessions as you need them. You can email, video chat, text and/or call us with any questions or concerns whenever they come up.
We will reach out to you and touch base to follow up in between sessions to see how you are doing.

The best part is you add hours as you need them!

Our support hours can be used throughout your pregnancy, your birth and after you’ve had your baby.